Thursday, January 10, 2008

AmigaOS or Windows on the XO Laptop

In the midst of all the news this week from CES came my favorite story of the week. A group of software developers in Italy have ported an emulated version of the Amiga OS to the XO laptop. Like many, I’m nostalgic for the Amiga and while I don’t expect to run Video Toaster on my XO this is still a cool story.

Running Amiga OS on the XO laptop shows it's real power and flexibility

Dual-Boot Windows on the XO.

In other news, I keep reading stories about how Microsoft is creating a dual-boot system which would allow Windows to run on the OLPC XO laptop. Unfortunately, the folks I know at Microsoft tell me this just isn’t true. True Microsoft has confirmed they are working on a flash based bootable Windows. True, many engineers in Redmond are playing with the XO laptop. Does Microsoft want users to have an easy choice between Windows and Linux. Not so much.

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mezamashii said...

whooohoooo... just got ours. love your blog. :)