Monday, December 24, 2007

XO Laptops On Their Way

I’m grateful to PC Worlds’ Harry McCracken for a mention in his blog but was sad to read that Harry and many others have not received their expected XO laptops. Some folks received mail saying their laptop wouldn’t arrive until January 15th but were still surprised with an early arrival so don’t give up.

Harry's Blog captured on my XO laptop

Much of the information you’ll read here is available on various official web pages. They have acknowledged that there was a shipping glitch and in an effort to please they have switched to overnight or 2nd day shipping.

I hope does whet the appetite of those of you still waiting for your laptops. My intent here is to document my experiences and share what I learn as I figure it out. For now my target remains other OLPC supporters like myself and not necessarily kids in Paraguay and Peru. Hopefully, I can help you all enjoy and take advantage of the XO laptop as quickly as possible. The more I explore, the more I find how powerful this little laptop can be.

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